What were your “gateway games”?

The Hunt for Rubber Ducktober was NOT one of my gateway games

What games caught your attention, inspired you, or furthered your interest in board games?

For me, I have to start with Monopoly at a very young age — it was a game my older brother played with his friends and I would beg to play. They would eventually relent and proceed to rip me off every chance they could! Despite that and my repeated losses in that game (not to mention my subsequent realization of Monopoly’s many flaws), Monopoly has always been special for me.

The next major influence would be Dungeons and Dragons in high school. I dropped out of Geometry (even though I had a “B”) to add another study period in the library so me and my friends could play more D&D. Nothing fascinated me more than the world-building involved in being a Dungeon Master.

Risk was also a key game for me and a few friends. At one point, me and a fellow software developer wrote a quick dice rolling app so we could play Risk faster. After 3 games in 2 hours, I realized that there wasn’t much more to Risk than dice rolling!

Later, Catan caught my attention and I started to realize there was more out there than American games from big publishers. I realize my list couldn’t be more generic! What games were key to get you into the hobby? Please share.

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