Steal more ideas

Stealing, copying, inspiration…. whatever.

It has been famously quoted, “bad artists copy; good artists steal”, meaning that a good artist can truly make a work that inspires them their own. I would argue you don’t even have to be that talented to steal — as long as you have the passion and put in the effort to steal something thoroughly, it will become yours.

I have long experience in graphic design, especially with t-shirts. When I started, I was reluctant to to do anything that showed I was inspired by another artist. But once I got more experience and realized the work that inspired me was originally inspired by other works by other artists, I stole more freely.

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Rules for Witches’ Brew (HABA contest entry)

The game plays with 4 cats, 3 green witches, 2 yellow witches, and a single red witch. Here I’m showing the back of one of each color to show the type of dice rolls expected.

It’s a little known fact that witches are not brewing potions and poisons in their enormous vats but root beer. Unfortunately, they’re not very good at it. Can you help? Brew up the best batch and win the witch as an enthusiastic fan of your great brew!

Objective: Attract the most witches to your yummy brews.

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HABA contest entry

Here’s an overview of the game I’m working on for my HABA contest entry. My goal was to make something simple that young children could easily understand but that kept adults interested as well. I also wanted to stick to using the existing pieces with as little additional components as possible. Here’s an overview of the internal pieces I used and what I added:

  • 6 witch meeples (3 green, 2 yellow, 1 red)
  • 4 orange cat meeples
  • 10 red frog meeples
  • 4 sets of 6 dice — one set for each player

The objective of the game is to lure witches (or the cats which are just witches in disguise) to your perfect root beer brews, using magic to help things out along the way. Here’s a list of game features:

  • Simultaneous turns — no waiting
  • Dice rolling with no paperwork
  • 100% language-free components so all you need is rules in each language
  • Fast 20 minute game play

Next post is my first pass at the rules!