Why do you want to create board games?

Follow your heart. You can’t count on anyone else to follow it…

All of us who enjoy board games have thought at one point or another, “I could do this! Why don’t I create my own game?”. With crowdfunding and the growing interest in board games, it’s not a crazy dream. The question is, why? What are you hoping to get out of it? Even though I have some ideas, I’m still trying to figure that out myself.

Let’s explore those ideas together using this poll. You can select as many options as are applicable for you.

Board Game Publishing Exhaustive List

This is my game publishing list but there are certain things I wouldn’t do, you know, as a career

Although this is my first real post, I will be updating this continually over time. The intention is to capture all the steps that lead up to a published game. In addition, there are step that I intend to do (maybe), that are marked in italics. Besides continually adding new items to this list, I will also periodically flesh this out with links that describe further details.

  • Company Setup:
    • Choose game company name
    • Buy domain and arrange web hosting
    • Create LLC or other corporate structure
    • Trademark company name
    • Setup WordPress to begin blogging
    • Add content
    • Create domain email, social networking, and other associated accounts